Dwarf skin tutorial

Dwarf skin tutorial - guest star: Gnarli!

For the creation of Gnarli skin we decided to use a process with few colors and quite simple steps.

I obtained the base with a wash of "Citadel - Contrast Cygor Brown" on which I then proceeded to build the tone with "AK - Saddle Brown". I progressively lightened with "AK - Beige Red" and then "AK - Medium Flesh Tone": gradually added to the starting color.

Having obtained a good tone and good volumes, I reconstructed the shadows by adding "Game Color - Royal Purple" to "AK - Saddle Brown": very light and repeated washes in the shadow areas.

At this point I picked up the light skin tone and added light progressively with "AK - Radiant Yellow". I also varied the general tone a bit with "Citadel - Mephiston Red" in some areas of the face: also in this case very light washes.

Finally I made the extreme lights by adding "Citadel - Screaming Skull". The result is a skin tone typical of fantasy dwarves and one step further to bring the fantastic model of Gnarli to life!

Full process here ;)

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